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24 ALPHABET BOOKS IN ONE APP!  The fun-loving Letter Buddies characters help children learn to read using phonics principles. The AlphaBooks App, available on both the iPad and iPhone, focuses on the concept of initial letter sounds. Children are introduced to beginning letter sounds through child-centric vocabulary, and the vocabulary is subsequently put into contextual sentences, so that children will begin to learn how sounds create words and a series of words produces sentences.


Simple stories with striking photo-illustrations develop vocabulary and basic reading skills: learning initial letter sounds, acquiring PreK-K sight words, developing relevant vocabulary, etc. Letter Buddies materials are published to complement phonics based reading programs and have been used by reading teachers in classrooms throughout North America since 2006! These popular reading tools have now been adapted into the Letter Buddies AlphaBooks app so that children can reinforce valuable readings skills at home.


Features Include:

- One book for each letter of the alphabet (X, Y, Z combined in one book):

- Clear, bright photography introduces key foundational vocabulary

- Simple sentences combined with fantastic photo-illustrations put the vocabulary in context and teach important

   school readiness sight words.

- Cute and humorous, the Letter Buddies will entertain your children as they become fluent readers and learners!



- Children 2-6


Two-ways to read each e-book:

- “Read to Me” – listen to the narrated story with words highlighted as they are read
- “Read it Myself” – read the book in its traditional form


Educational Features:

- Learn early reading fundamentals
- Practice beginning letter sounds
- Acquire key foundational vocabulary
- Read along to vocabulary written in contextual sentences
- Expose children to important school readiness sight words
- Build awareness for simple sentence structures and basic punctuation


Additional Features:

- Text is perfect for developing and beginning readers alike

- Fun and engaging artwork supports simple text
- Narration supports a range of reading abilities
- Repeat audio by double tapping screen
- Narration can be turned on and off
- Text highlighting can be turned on and off