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Letter Buddies Letter Formation (& Coloring) Worksheets are a terrific way for your little ones to begin practicing forming letters. Being able to recognize and discriminate between the 26 letters in the alphabet is a key foundational skill.

Letter Buddies Initial Sounds Worksheet - A

Letter Buddies Initial Sounds (& Coloring) Worksheets will help children practice recognizing initial letter sounds. Kids must find objects that begin with the highlighted starting sound and color in all the objects with the matching letter sound. 23 worksheets in all with one sheet for each letter of the alphabet; Q & U combined, and X, Y, Z combined. Each worksheet also has a corresponding letter formation activity as well.

Letter Buddies Matching Worksheet - (A-E)

These 12 worksheets ask children to color in and match individual objects with their corresponding initial sound/letter. A creative way to reinforce and practice initial sounds!