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The Angel Forever Reviews Letter Buddies Alphabet Discovery

“JSL helped me to explore the new app after we entered the review code. He immediately recognized the Letter Buddies from the past and wanted to take control of the iPad.”  (more…)

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“Alphabet Discovery is a cute ABC apps that will engage and entertain your kids. It offers bright colours and lot of interactive features to learn new vocabulary! If you like the Letter Buddies, …”


KandY Shoppe interviews Carisa Kluver

Discussing children and technology with Carisa Kluver of Digital Storytime and The Digital Media Diet.  (more…)


“The Alphabet Discovery app by Letter Buddies is designed as an educational app for younger children.  Specifically for the iPad, Alphabet Discovery encourages children to explore a whimsical, animated alphabet world.  There are numerous opportunities for interaction in the app, as kids will be able to uncover hidden surprises while learning to recognize letters, acquire vocabulary, practice oral language skills and much more!”… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


“I’ve always loved the letter buddies because each alphabet letter comes to life and makes it fun to learn. Little Brandon enjoys the cute and funny faces of the Letter Buddies. The animations kept Brandon engaged. He just wants to tap and swipe at any objects he sees. The voice sung in a female voice is very sweet and pleasant. I’m sure that song can put little Brandon to sleep during bedtime.” CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.


“I love the Letter Buddies!  I love them as much, if not more than Poppet does!  I was super excited when I opened the package that arrived and saw a complete set of Letter Buddies Books!  Cavallo Publishing has outdone itself with this set of educational must haves!


As a Mum who hopes to home-school her children, here’s a short (very short) list of what I love about these books”: CLICK HERE TO READ MORE




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Announcing the release of the newest Letter Buddies iPad App – Alphabet Discovery! Now available on the Apple App Store for an introductory price of $1.99. Click here for more info.

Letter Buddies Alphabet Discovery Trailer Screenshot

Letter Buddies Alphabet Discovery Trailer Screenshot

Letter Buddies reveals its next educational app for the iPad! Not available yet, but check out the trailer for the Letter Buddies Alphabet Discovery!  CLICK HERE.

LB Store on FB

Letter Buddies Store on Facebook


Now, you can buy your favorite Letter Buddies school products directly on Facebook. Magnetic Letters, Alphabet Books, Blends Books and more! Check it out here.

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Letter Buddies releases its first music video! Check out your favorite letter characters dancing to their new theme song. CLICK HERE.

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