Letter Buddies Letter Books Description

Learn to read with phonics! Use this series to practice initial letter sounds! Read more..

Letter Buddies Starters Series Description

The Letter Buddies Starters is a fantastic follow-up to our popular Letter Buddies Letter Books! Read more..

Letter Buddies Blends Description
Mastered initial letter sounds? Next up beginning blends! Read more..
Letter Buddies Best Friends Detail Page

Your child has learned 22 new blends and they’re ready to practice reading them! This is a fantastic follow-up series to our Letter Buddies Blends Books. Read more..


Using the same vocabulary as the Letter Buddies Letter Books and Starters, these durable, laminated LetterMats reinforce prior learning. Read more..

Letter Buddies Magnetic Letters

Letter Buddies Magnetic Letters are made out of thick, durable foam with a magnetic backing

that covers the entire letter for extra hold. Read more..